For almost 20 years Mr. Curtin has focused his legal practice on the enforcement of patent, copyright and trademark rights in the Federal Courts of the United States and before the International Trade Commission. He has also obtained patent, copyright and trademark protection for individuals and companies before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, U.S. Copyright Office and foreign patent offices.

U.S. Supreme Court Experience:

Mr. Curtin authored an amicus brief in the leading patent jury trial case Markman v. Westview Instruments (1996).

US. Government Security Clearance:

 Mr. Curtin has a “SECRET” level U.S. Government security clearance

Federal Court Litigation Experience:

Since 1989, Mr. Curtin has been involved in over 30 patent infringement lawsuits. The technology involved ranged from JPEG/MPEG image algorithms, DVDs, semiconductors, laser-based blood analyzers, Chinese food carton packaging and encryption technology, to cosmetics, ladders and plastic drinking cups to give some examples. Mr. Curtin has also litigated patent disputes before the International Trade Commission (ITC). One of the disputes involved design patents and trademark configuration registrations involving “Lava” lamps. Enjoy with free spins no deposit. In addition, Mr. Curtin has represented clients before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). To see a brief list of some of the lawsuits and appeals in which Mr. Curtin has been involved click here.

International Trade Commission Litigation Experience:

Mr. Curtin has litigated a number of disputes before the International Trade Commission (ITC), including In re Certain Encapsulated Devices. This ITC investigation involved a fundamental semiconductor packaging patent owned by Texas Instruments. Mr. Curtin helped defend Analog Devices, Inc. in the ITC and Federal Court. In another ITC matter entitled In re Certain Illuminated Devices Mr. Curtin represented a number of manufacturers and successfully forced the matter to be dismissed.

Patent Licensing:

Over the last 20 years Mr. Curtin has negotiated dozens of patent licenses. Recently, Mr. Curtin negotiated a non-exclusive license with Microsoft involving JPEG technology on behalf of a Maryland company. Over the past two years Mr. Curtin has represented patentees in licensing negotiations covering the following technologies:

  • RFID systems
  • SQL-based database tools
  • Private-public key encryption algorithms

In 2004 Mr. Curtin was requested to assist a major U.S. telecommunications company in developing a licensing strategy for Fast-OFDM based patents and technology.

Awards & Appointments:

  • March 2006, appointed to the State of Virginia’s Nanotechnology Manufacturing Advisory Committee.
  • In the May 2004 issue of MIT’s Magazine of Innovation & Technology, in an article entitled “5 Killer Patents” – a patent Mr. Curtin obtained for Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies, Inc. was named as one of the 5 most important patents for 2004.

Technology Expertise:

Mr. Curtin has written applications covering, given opinions on, or litigated patents in the following areas:

Voice-over-Internet Protocol, JPEG Internet data routing and networking, video and data encryption for secure networks, wireless and WiFi networking including ad-hoc networks, WLANs, CDMA and GSM networking, Flash-OFDM, high speed/broadband modems and related algorithms (e.g., V.34), fiber optics, electro-optics, optical gratings, MEMs, CATV head-end and set-top converters, Bluetooth applications.

Electronics & Imaging:
JPEG/MPEG imaging algorithms, 3D panoramic image processing, semiconductor processing, electro-optical and optical semiconductors, devices and fabrication, photodiodes, optical gratings, optical sensors, LED & LD chips (1300 and 1550 nm), nanotechnology processes, CMOS integrated circuits, microprocessors, digital signal processors, AC power amplifiers.

Measuring Instruments:
Digital oscilloscopes, RF & microwave spectrum analyzers, spectrometers, RF & microwave & millimeterwave power meters, RF & microwave signal generators, optical power meters, optical time domain reflectometers, chromatic dispersion test sets. bit-error rate test sets, optical spectrum analyzers.

Databases & Software:
Web 2.0 applications, Databases, database management applications, SQL server-based applications, Java applications, HTML, XML, Linux, Open Source software related matters.

RF Shielded Enclosures, Night Vision Goggles, LIDARS used in 3D Image Processing, Roadside Bomb Detectors using Low Level Radiation.

General Commercial Items:
Electronic index cards for language translation, locksmith devices, prisoner transport devices,


  • Seton Hall University, JD, 1988
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, BE Electrical Engineering, 1981

 Bar Admissions:

  • Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • District of Columbia
  • US Patent & Trademark Office, Registration No. 37,602

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