Since 1970 Mr. Adams has focused his legal practice on obtaining patent, trademark and copyright protection for individuals and companies. Mr. Adams represents multi-national companies before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, U.S. Copyright Office and foreign patent offices.


Mr. Adams has written applications on, or handled the prosecution of thousands of applications covering, or written legal opinions covering, many technology areas. Some of his most recent applications cover the following technology areas:

Electronics & Electrical Devices
Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for watches; photoelectric conversion device and image sensor, electronic money management system, ion beam device and ion beam processing method, micromachining method and micromachined structure, method of producing low and high voltage MOSFETs with reduced masking steps, portable GPS systems, semiconductor device having a bump electrode, voltage regulator with clamp circuit, voltage regulator having overcurrent protection circuit, electronic azimuth meter for watches, monolithic boosting integrated circuits formed using dielectrically isolated charge boosting elements, DC to DC converters, MISFET semiconductor integrated circuit, resistor ladder network formed on a semiconductor substrate by patterning a plurality of layers of resistive polycrystalline silicon films, semiconductor volatile/nonvolatile memory, analog-digital conversion circuit.

Mechanical, Medical & Measuring Devices & Instruments
Digital and analog watch mechanisms, vehicle pedal locks, wound film dispensers, hydraulic dynamic bearing and spindle motors, automotive bearings, towel roll holders and dispensers, catheters, portable magnifier for hand-held portable electronic device, outboard motors, thermal printers, apparatus for measuring oxygen saturation, pulse spectrometer for noninvasively determining the concentration of blood constituents in in vivo tissue, car-mounted image record system, coordinate detecting apparatus having acceleration detectors, portable dosing apparatus, portable engine generator having a fan cover with a control unit mounting portion, method and apparatus for measuring particles in a fluid, scanning probe microscopes, ultrasonic motors, portable-type fluorescent X-ray analyzers, pulse wave detecting device, calorimeters, electric power steering systems, outboard motors, glass automotive antennas, quartz oscillator for detecting a physicochemical change in a substance.

Ophthalmic Devices
Literally hundreds of various ophthalmic devices, most recently an apparatus for measuring fundus fluorescence.

Energy & Power Technology
Fuel cell system, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and production method charge/discharge control circuit and charging type power-supply unit.

Optics & Optical Instrumentation
Laser scanning optical microscope, methods for polishing ferrules of an optical connector, optically addressed spatial light modulating system.

Consumer Electronics
Appliance power sources, analog and digital watches, chronograph timepieces, mechanical timepiece with tourbillon mechanism, quartz crystal oscillators for watches, writing instruments & implements, piezoelectric oscillators, printers, quartz crystal tuning fork resonators for watches, radio-corrected timepieces, timepiece movements using luminous elements, pulse rate monitors.


  • Bachelor of Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1966

Bar Admissions:

  • New York
  • US Patent & Trademark Office, Registration No. 25,386

Mr. Adams is also presently the Managing Partner of the law firm of Adams & Wilks in New York, New York.

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