Technologies Listed in Alphabetical Order


  • Bluetooth and GPS-based wireless devices


Construction & Site Preparation

  • Methods For Easily Moving Trench Grates
  • Sewer Filters For Capturing Silt-Related Runoff
  • Software & Applications For Remodeling Designs

Database Management

  • Methods & Tools For Accessing Multiple SQL Databases   Simultaneously

Electronics / Power & Cooling

  • Cooling of Electronic Cabinets (Click here for patent)
  • Distribution of Power on Printed Circuit Boards
  • Heat Sinks & Temperature Dispersion Techniques
  • Techniques For Mounting Optical Elements on an Optical   Substrate

Fiber Optics

  • Dispersion Tapered Optical Fiber For Use in WDM Systems
  • Linear Polarization of Light in Optical Fibers
  • Varying the Bi-Refringence of Optical Mediums to Maintain Polarization Affects

High Speed Modems

  • v.34 Constellation Shaping & Algorithms
  • v.34 Encoding of Constellation-Shaped Bit Streams


  • Adaptive, Pulse Position Modulated CDMA Methods For Ultra-Wide Band Systems (Click here for patent)
  • Bi-Directional LSP in MPLS-based Networks
  • Estimation of QAM Symbol Sequences over Flat-Fading Channels
  • Far-End Noise Reduction & Near-End Compensation For Wireless Devices
  • Light-weight Signal Transmission Lines & RF Antenna System (Click here for patent)
  • Network-based Meta-data Libraries

Image Processing

  • LIDARS used in 3D Image Processing
  • JPEG codec & imaging algorithms using bi-orthogonal, lapped transforms
  • MPEG codec & decoders forremoving unwanted image artifacts

Internet & Wireless Internet

  • Accessing Web Pages without using a Browser
  • Allocating Channels To WLANs While
  • Minimizing Interference (Click here for patent)
  • Analysis of Internet Traffic To Detect Hot Sites
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Routing
  • Internet Browsing Using Cache-Based Compaction   (Click here for patent)
  • IPSEC-Based Methods For Predicting Encryption Key
  • Expiration (Click here for patent)
  • On-Demand Datacasting using Statistical Multiplexing
  • Paging of Mobile Hosts In IP Networks
  • Protection Against Distributed Denial-of- Service (DDOS)    Attacks (Click here for patent)
  • Providing Fairness & QoS Guarantees in WLANs
  • Quality-of-Service on L2TP Networks   (Click here for patent)
  • Relieving Congestion in Hop-by-Hop Packet Networks    (Click here for patent)
  • Seamless Global Roaming on an All-IP Network
  • Secure Authentication For IP Enhanced Services
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Switching of IP Traffic
  • Transporting ATM Traffic Over IP Networks   (Click here for patent)

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


  • Embedded Web Servers
  • XML/XPath Expressions



  • JPEG codec & imaging algorithms using bi-orthogonal, lapped transforms
  • MPEG codec & decoders for removing unwanted image artifacts

Mechanical Devices

  • Tools for treating sheetrock
  • Gas & liquid filtration systems
  • Concealed holster & harness

Military Applications

  • Airborne ESM receivers For Detecting Signals-of-Interest
  • LIDARS used in 3D Image Processing
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • RF Shielded Enclosures
  • Roadside Bomb detectors using Low level Radiation
  • Secure Wireless Networks For Ships in Port

Optical Networks

Paging Systems

Water Treatment Systems

  • Methods and devices for minimizing scale
  • Desalination methods and systems
  • Bioelectrochemical systems for treating wastewater
  • Treating water with plasmatrons


  • Ad-Hoc Networks & Location Based Routing (Click here for patent)
  • Automatic Frequency Control for Cellular Base Stations
  • Configuration of Multi-Hop Wireless Networks with Reduced Power Requirements
  • Controlling Handoffs in Wireless Networks Using GPS-Based Location Vectors (Click here for patent)
  • Frequency Hopping to Reduce Fading & Interference
  • Hybrid ARQ Retransmission Methods
  • Novel Speed and Noise metrics to reduce Errors in Wireless Devices (Click here for patent)
  • Soft Handoff Techniques for Base Stations
  • Values Used To Group Cells Within a Wireless Network (Click here for patent)

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