The following are some of the appeals that CAPPAT® attorneys have been involved in:

  • Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. v. General Instrument (CAFC 1992)(video scrambling)
  • Atlantic Construction Fabrics v. Dandy Products, Inc. (CAFC 2002)(environmental/drain filters)
  • Vanguard Research Inc. v. Peat (CAFC 2003)(hazardous waste treatment/plasma torches)
  • Intex v. Metalast, S.A. (CAFC 2006)(ladders)
  • Ex parte Cao (PTAB 2012, Appeal 2009-011823)
  • Ex parte Bu (PTAB 2014, Appeal 2012-002210)
  • Ex parte Rose (PTAB 2015, Appeal 2012-009729)
  • Seacret Spa International, Ltd..v Michelle K. Lee, Director-USPTO (TTAB Appeal 2015)(skin care products)
  • Ex parte Guy (PTAB 2017, Appeal 2017-008438)
  • Parallel Networks, LLC v. SG Interactive, Blizzard Entertainment, KOG Games and Reloaded Games, Inc. (CAFC 2017) (online games)
  • Ex parte Bu ( PTAB 2018, Appeal 2017-002156)

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